Quad City Senior Photos | Meet Esther

Meet Esther.
You may recognize this beauty from her recent Moxie Instagram takeover where we got to follow her for a typical day in quarantine life.  I love Esther and her genuine and kind spirit and am so happy that she was a part of the Class of 2021 Moxie model team.  During the three hours of Esther’s senior session, I tell you what – we were laughing non stop. It was like a day out of a crazy comedy movie!! People were driving by and screaming “hey baby” and “woohoo,”  there was a crazy photoshoot happening in the fountain at the same time we were shooting at Vanderveer Park, fireworks were going off while we were near the Centennial bridge that scared me so much that I remember screaming out loud and when we were downtown Davenport, something happened that I have never seen before in my eight years of being a full time photographer.  We were by a stoplight and I had Esther walking back and forth to get an action shot. I’m sitting on the ground, Sam is reflecting light and Mindy (Esther’s mom) was standing nearby.  Out of nowhere, a guy shows up with his phone and walks right in front of me. He swipes open his camera app and starts taking photos. I look around and everyone’s mouths were dropped completely open. I said something like “um, hi – what are you doing?” and he responded that she was just too beautiful not to take a photo of to remember.  I have to agree, she is absolutely beautiful and I will never in a million years forget her session.

Here is a little about what Esther had to say about her session with Moxie:
“My favorite part of my Moxie experience was THE WHOLE THING! But seriously, I think my favorite part was Karen and Sam. They both were so amazing! They make you feel so magical in that night. Whenever I am sad, I always think back to that night. My senior pictures remind me that I can be confident in my self. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Also, I loved the amount of outfit changes and location changes we got! It was so awesome to have to many different types of pictures. I went for a more casual summer look in my pictures! I found this blue dress, and I knew it would be perfect. I also added my homecoming dress!  My biggest fear for every picture that I take is that I will not look good. Like most girls, I tear myself apart in almost every picture I take. Also, I thought that I was going to feel so uncomfortable. I thought Karen would hate shooting with me because I wasn’t the “perfect” model. Wow was I wrong! I felt truly special every moment that I was there. Karen went out of her way to make me feel like a perfect model. She never stopped hyping me up and that helped me improve my confidence. In the end, my pictures turn out great. It opened a new light for me. The most memorable moment in my session was when I was standing on the sidewalk in Davenport in front of a clock tower and Karen was taking a picture of me. Suddenly, a stranger came walking by and he stopped to take a picture of me because “he never saw anyone so beautiful!” I was in so much shock, but it made me feel very special.  My best friend also got her pictures taken by Moxie and was a model with me. It was an amazing experience to be with her the whole time! We would talk back in forth about our nights and how awesome they were. I always told her how special I felt and about the crazy experiences. I would tell anyone else that they should take the time to get pictures taken! You don’t want to miss this.  I LOVED every session that I had with Karen. My experience was truly special because of all the crazy things that happened. I will remember that night from a guy taking a picture of me to people jumping in the fountain. It was so nice to have such an enjoyable night. I wish I could do it every weekend! I love Moxie Design because of all the confidence Karen brings and the nonstop laughter!

One piece of advice that Esther has for other seniors getting their photos taken? “I would tell them to be their self. Be unstoppable and have fun. This one night could change your life :)).

If she could describe her overall senior session experience in one word, she would choose  “unbelievable.”

Thanks for the memories, Esther and cheers to your future!!


Moxie Design is an award winning boutique photography studio that specializes in providing a boutique high school senior photography experience in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas including but not limited to Moline &  Rock Island, Illinois, Davenport & Bettendorf, Iowa.  Karen Bishop, owner of Moxie Design, has been recognized on both a national and international level as one of the top up and coming high school senior photographers in the industry.  Moxie Design will offer you not only images that represent the awesome person that you are, but an experience that you will remember for years to come.