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“When we set out to choose a photographer for Abbie’s senior photos, I wanted to hire the best.  It was important to us that  the photos be excellent, but we also wanted the entire experience to be a memorable high point of her senior year.  Moxie Design went above and beyond to make that happen.  Karen was highly organized as she prepared us for the day of our shoot. As the big day approached, she helped us choose from a large assortment of possible settings, most of which I would have never thought to consider.  She also helped us narrow down Abbie’s clothing selections to what would photograph best. She even loaned us some items from her clothing closet to round out what we had. The day started with a glamourous hair and make-up session at House of Heir.  When their stylists were finished, Abbie looked like she stepped out of the pages of a magazine.  The weather for our shoot was cold, gloomy and drizzling rain.  I was so worried that Abbie’s hair and make-up would not make it through the session.  Boy was I wrong.  You couldn’t tell in the photos that the weather wasn’t perfect.  Karen knew exactly how to direct Abbie into poses that looked natural, comfortable and confident.  It’s inspiring to see Karen work her magic. When we were presented with the final ‘reveal’ I literally cried.  Every photo was exquisite – even better than I could have hoped for.  It was almost impossible to choose a favorite.   Our personalized Moxie Magazine looks like a model’s portfolio…no exaggeration. Our experience working with Karen and Sam (her lighting assistant) could not have been better.  They were very careful to wear masks and shoot from a safe distance.  I performed what few touch-ups to Abbie’s hair and make-up were necessary, so they could keep their distance. Accessories were handed to us before the shoot in a box that had been sanitized. I assisted Abbie with clothing changes from the safety of our car.  Our final reveal was done via Zoom.  And we were able to pick up our photos via contactless delivery. I recommend Moxie Design without reservation.  Karen Bishop and her team are second to none.”
– Ginger A.

“My experience with Moxie was out of this world!! Karen made me feel so amazing! She brought me so much confidence and I couldn’t picture my senior session any other way.  I was going for a Boho/Country type atmosphere with a location that was unique and different – I wanted something most people wouldn’t have.  My favorite thing about my senior experience was Karen makes you feel like you’ve known each other for years. It helped me with my confidence and to have fun with it.  My biggest fear was doing a serious face but after Karen giving me the confidence the serious face pictures turned out amazing and one of my favorites!  The most memorable thing about my session was that I had my session during a global pandemic and while in a pandemic Karen still made it possible for me to have the best senior session I could imagine!  Moxie is the best thing ever!! You get amazing photos and a friend out of it! You come out feeling even more confident going into it.  I love Moxie Design because Karen makes me feel beautiful inside and out!” – Bella R.

“Moxie Design is unbelievable. My daughter’s senior pictures were beyond amazing. They were works of art that our family will cherish forever. Karen and Sam, her assistant made the day such a great experience and Aleigha truly felt so special. It was so much more than just taking pictures, it was a day that we will remember. From the first meeting with Karen reviewing package options to scheduling dates all the way to the great social media ‘reveal’ and the online premier. This team is organized and talented beyond belief. I hope she someday moves into weddings and baby pictures…….I love her work so much.”
-Jennifer V.

“My experience with Moxie Design was incredible.I really enjoyed getting to know Karen and how she can capture anything. I was very comfortable in my pictures and Karen got all my good angles!  My biggest fear was not looking like myself in my pictures. When going to Haus of Heir, I thought I wasn’t going to have much control over my makeup look. Come to find out, I had control over everything! They made me look amazing and my pictures turned out great. My favorite part of the Moxie Senior Experience was the reveal session. I never expected my pictures to turn out so well. My mom and I had a really hard time choosing the photos because they were all so good.   I would suggest that anyone interested in Moxie to give it a shot, you won’t regret it. I love Moxie Design because it showed the best of me.”

– Jessie D.

“When I was searching for a photographer to take my senior photos, Karen’s pictures alone convinced me I needed her to take mine! She makes the process completely stress free, plans out ahead of time, and makes you feel absolutely confident!! She really takes her time and devotes her work to making you look stunning and comfortable. Being able to work with Moxie Design is an amazing opportunity because of the authentic work but also because she the sessions are so fun!” – Tiara S.

“Karen goes above and beyond to provide all of her clients the best experience possible. She makes everything so fun!!! It’s an experience, not just senior pictures. I would highly recommend Moxie Design to everyone! Karen is a master at her craft! We love Faith’s photos and will treasure them for a lifetime. In this year of 2020, our experience with Moxie was definitely a highlight and bright spot.” – Kandi R.

“If you are looking for breathtaking senior pictures with a personal, fun and stress-free experience then you’ve come to the right place! Karen and her assistant Sam are fabulous to work with and just downright awesome! My daughter’s session was everything we hoped for and more! Karen carefully considers every detail from hair/make-up to wardrobe and location to make every senior session feel “uniquely you”. She has a way of making your senior feel confident and comfortable and it shows in her photographs! I was in awe during the reveal session at how beautiful each and every picture was! I can’t say enough about Karen & Sam and would highly recommend Moxie Design!” – Melanie T.

“We are Moxie Design repeat customers and I’m here to tell you, Karen NEVER disappoints! Your biggest challenge will be choosing your favorite. Karen & her assistant Sam instantly put Carson at ease. He was relaxed and enjoyed his shoot and because of that, his personality really came out in his photos. Choose the best. You’ll be happy you did!”  -Tara M.

“WOW!!! What can I say about Karen & her fabulous assistant Sam. Her pictures captured my daughters inner beauty and made her feel like a princess. Karen goes that extra mile for the perfect shot. They decided to track through the mud to get to the creek and of course if your at a creek you jump into the ice cold water to get that perfect picture. The reveal session was amazing.I was taken back by the pictures and how amazing they turned out. I had a moment of tears. Yes Happy tears!!! Its her senior pictures and I will always have these memories and beautiful pictures. Thank you Karen & Sam!!!”  – Angela R.

“Moxie Design is a professional yet personal experience. The photos are breathtaking and Karen and Sam are the BEST to work with. I was afraid I would be awkward in front of the camera but Karen makes it feel so natural. Senior pictures should be an unforgettable experience and with Moxie Design it’s magical.” – Morgan S.

“We were looking for someone who could capture Mary’s personality and beauty in pictures.  Karen was simply amazing! Mary was so calm and natural for the pictures. From the moment we met Karen, she hugged us like we were family she had not seen in awhile.  I was worried Mary would want to see every picture immediate after and delete every single one as the session went on, that did not happen. Karen and her assistant had Mary so calm and relaxed during the entire session. Mary’s pictures turned out simply stunning.  Our favorite part was seeing Mary’s pictures for the first time. They were beautiful, there was no way to choose. I also love seeing all the pictures that Karen takes of the other seniors. She makes everyone look like a model and they are simply just having fun.  I would highly recommend Karen and Moxie. She is a professional and truly cares about the seniors and the pictures. So worth it!!  I love Moxie Design because Mary’s pictures are simply stunning.” – Maggie P, Mary’s mom

“Moxie Design is a professional yet personal experience. The photos are breathtaking and Karen and Sam are the BEST to work with. I was afraid I would be awkward in front of the camera but Karen makes it feel so natural. Senior pictures should be an unforgettable experience and with Moxie Design it’s magical.” – Morgan S.

“Karen was awesome. She really brought Zach out of his shell. She had the places to get his pictures done that fit his personality.  My biggest fear in regards to the photo shoot was that Zach would not smile. Karen had him not only smiling in photos but posing and laughing.  My favorite part of our Moxie Senior Experience was the great relationship that Zach built with Karen and his pictures turned out amazing.   If I were to tell my best friend about our experience with Moxie Design, I would say that it was amazing and worth every penny!  ” – Nicole S., Zach’s mom

” Karen is so amazing that I never want to go to other photographers. I’ve never felt so much confidence, this woman is magic with a camera.    Aside from the photos, I remember the way Karen made me feel, having confidence in me and the conversations we had. Kindness goes a long way and makes a lasting impression.  Girl, I know it looks like a lot of money but, it’s worth it!! The pictures are everything you want and more and will be used for more than senior pictures and will forever be loved by your parents.  I love Moxie Design because I can call Karen a friend, the results are exactly as paid for and so much more.”

– Mariah M.

“I loved my session so much! Karen is so fun to be with and she really makes you feel so good about yourself and boosts your confidence so much. I couldn’t be more happy with my senior session Karen really blew me away!  The looks I was going for were casual, dressy, and what I do at school (cheer) and Karen photographed those moments all so perfectly.   My favorite part was the reveal, I was so excited because I know Moxie puts in all the work and does what we were expecting.  If I were to tell my best friend about Moxie, I would say  -10/10.  Karen really is amazing she’s so happy and makes you feel like a goddess.”

– Kaelin B.

“My senior session was amazing! Karen has a way of making everything fun and comfortable. I was never worried about being silly during my session because she made me feel like we’ve been friends forever.  I was worried my pictures would all turn out of me fake smiling but because of her amazingly awesome attitude and funny spirit I was laughing the entire time.  I was going for more of a clean and classic look for my pictures and Karen captured my look perfectly!  My favorite part of my shoot was how comfortable I felt and how beautiful my pictures turned out.   I love Moxie Design because Karen is incredible!”

– Hannah E.

“I wanted my shoot to represent me and the things I like to do, but with a major touch of glam! This experience is something I can honestly accredit to changing my life. Shooting with Karen was my first modeling experience and she made me feel so confident and comfortable in front of the camera. After my session I took this feeling with me and was able to extend my modeling career and got signed with agency. None of the would have been possible without Moxie!  I made so many great memories, that all come back to me when I see the images we took!  The most memorable moment of my session would be the blue smoke bomb!!! We were using smoke bombs for some awesome pictures, but midway through a blue one exploded all over me!! It was a total mess but such a funny moment to look back on.  It was such a great opportunity to be apart of. Out of it I got some stunning senior pictures and memories and experience to last a lifetime.” -Kristina M.

” My senior photo experience was amazing! Karen made every location I wanted to use work. It was 90+ degrees on the day of my shoot and everyone was sweaty and miserable but Karen and her assistant knew how to make everything work and made me feel at ease. They even brought me cold water and a snack! It was amazing!!!! My favorite part of the day was getting to know Karen and her assistant – they were cracking me up – I had a great time. If you want to feel like anything is possible with your senior pictures and know that your photographer is going to listen to your ideas and carry them out, Moxie Design is where to go! I love Moxie Design because they made my ideas come to life!”  – Cole L.

“I just wanted to be myself and highlight my true personality in a way that it would be displayed in my photos.  My senior session was unforgettable! Karen made me feel confident and beautiful.  She’s absolutely amazing at what she does and I loved every single one of my images! I was worried I wasn’t going to know how to pose or what facial expressions to use. However, Karen made me feel confident and beautiful by making it an easy going and relaxed experience! My favorite part of my Moxie experience was gaining a level of confidence when getting photographed by Karen that I didn’t even know that I had!   The most memorable moment of my session was sharing laughs and getting to know Karen.  Working with Moxie Design is an incredible experience that you will never forget. Every single image is absolutely beautiful and you will leave your session feeling confident and amazing.”  – Makenzie

“ My session was a very enjoyable and positive experience for me, and I just had a really great time and was really comfortable with Karen. I’ve always been a little more camera shy, but I think the girls at Moxie really made me feel comfortable and beautiful in my own skin and it felt natural shooting with them.   My favorite part of the experience was all the laughs that I had, and all the jokes Karen made. I think I enjoyed all of it just because of how fun the atmosphere was.   Moxie Design does a great job making you feel comfortable and beautiful, and I would recommend everyone go to her for any senior photo shoots.  I love Moxie Design because of how fun Karen made my photo shoot and how she made everything just feel natural for me.” – Adrea A.

“My session was wonderful! Karen did a great job of boosting my confidence from behind the camera and making sure that I was completely comfortable with everything. I really feel as though she captured exactly what I envisioned during my session.  I loved when we were switching locations and Karen surprised me with my favorite drink and snack!  I would recommend Moxie Design to anyone in a heartbeat! It is a blast and you get a memorable experience as well as outstanding pictures to remember forever.   I love Moxie Design because my pictures are unique to me- they are unlike any other senior pictures!” – Abby M.

“My senior photo shoot with Moxie design was amazing. Karen did an awesome job making me feel comfortable in front of the camera.  My biggest fear was not knowing how to pose in my photos but Karen and her team were great about offering suggestions. Karen and her team really got to know me before my photo shoot and had great ideas for my overall photo experience.  My favorite part is the fun we had laughing and talking throughout the shoot. Choose Moxie Design for your senior photos, you won’t be disappointed!”   – Madelyn M.

Many of my friends had taken their senior pictures with Karen, and had nothing but positive things to say about working with her. To say my standards were high is an understatement, but to say she exceeded them is an even bigger understatement. It was storming outside while I was getting my hair and makeup done so I was so nervous. When Karen arrived at Haus of Heir she made sure to tell me everything would work out and if we had to reschedule it would be no problem. Once we started taking pictures and talking with Karen and Sydney I had so much fun. Her and Sydney both gave only positive vibes.They are both so helpful in making sure you are comfortable in front of the camera and picking poses that represent your personality. I love Moxie Design because Karen and her staff are genuine, kind, and the best in the business.”  – Lauren G.

“I really enjoyed working with Moxie for my senior photos! I felt comfortable during the shoot and had a lot of fun at the locations of the photos. I was aiming for a more glam, but natural look.  Karen was super easy to talk to and was amazing during the whole process.  My biggest worry about the photo shoot was whether I looked good, since I couldn’t see the shots. The outcome, however, was amazing and am thrilled with how the pictures turned out! My favorite part of the Moxie Senior Experience was being able to go to the different locations and being able to incorporate some of my ideas into the shoot.  I would say that the most memorable moment of my session was dancing in the all green pathway in the park for the camera.  Moxie Design allows you to be truly you and express yourself in these shoots. Karen made every aspect of the shoot comfortable!  I love Moxie Design because Karen made me feel glamorous for the day!”

“My senior photo session with Karen was such a fun and awesome experience. The outcome of my experience and photo quality was unbelievable. I have pretty high standards when it comes to seeing pictures of myself and Karen did not let me down! I love how outgoing Karen is and how smooth the entire day went. I appreciate her organization, but also her ability to make the experience fun. My ultimate favorite part about my Moxie Senior Experience was probably the feedback I got back afterwards. When I post my senior pictures and receive positive feedback, it makes me feel good about myself and then I can talk about Karen’s talent!”  – Leah A.

“I knew I wanted a photographer that had crisp, bright photos. It was important to match my personality and to have my pictures reflect who I am. I also wanted to include some of my hobbies including art and my adventuresome spirit. What an awesome experience! Karen was fabulous from the start being very patient and timely with questions. She also provided great suggestions and feedback on outfits and accessories. Karen made it a very fun evening and took time to get to know me and what I liked. It was amazing to get to see the magic from her camera and the eye she has for different backgrounds and angles. I am not very comfortable in front of the camera so I was worried if I would know how to pose or that I would just look odd. Karen was patient throughout the night. She didn’t seem in a rush at all and you could tell on that afternoon and evening, I was her focus and priority. She even had my favorite lemonade and a Kit Kat for a mid-session break. I was so excited at the end of the night and could not wait to see all of the pictures at my reveal session. Karen really instills confidence in you throughout your shoot. As the evening progressed, I quickly relaxed and it was so much more fun than I had ever expected. We laughed and giggled throughout the evening and she was so positive and complimentary. Karen clearly cares about her clients and really makes you feel special. It was more than just snapping a few pictures.  You cannot go wrong with Moxie Design! I love Moxie Design because Karen brought out my inner model and on that day I felt absolutely stunning – inside and out.”  – Adia R.

“My senior experience with Moxie Design was phenomenal! I felt so comfortable in front of the camera and Karen is so much fun to be with!  I really wanted to showcase who I am and what I like to do. I was so worried about not knowing what to do in front of the camera, but Karen’s ideas were so fun and unique.  I can’t even choose a favorite part, my whole Moxie Senior Experience was one I will never forget! The memories we made are priceless! The laughs and giggles we had were probably the best part! Karen’s ideas are so fun and she is so friendly!!  I love Moxie Design because Karen made me feel so confident and comfortable in front of the camera!” – Brooke L.

“I was going for the serious and sophisticated look, with a hint of a goofy and fun side in some of the other photos. I feel like that really reflects how I live my life.  At first, when I showed up I was feeling apprehensive, but with Karen’s inviting personality it made it easy to relax and feel natural. Also, I wasn’t very fond of the idea of getting my photos taken. But, it was a really enjoyable experience and I would honestly do it again.  My favorite part of my senior session was that it didn’t even really feel like a photo shoot.  It was so laid back and chill that it made it easy to go from place to place and from clothing change to clothing change. Everything had a melodic flow to it.  The most memorable moment is when we were doing the first shoot when my dog wasn’t quite cooperating at first. We tried to get her to sit, but she was more worried about the smells in the air. So, laughing about my dog with Karen was an enjoyable and funny ice breaker.  Karen was wonderful.  She has the most outgoing and loving personality.  It made the session really easy going and fun.  Also, her work is phenomenal.  I love Moxie Design because Karen puts you at ease.  She is an awesome photographer!”  – Seth B.

There’s no other way to say this: Moxie Design is the best. Karen treated me to a personalized experience, all accustomed to my taste, style, and ideas. I was so amazed with the pictures, for she seemed to capture me in the exact ways that I imagined. Karen and her team make you feel like a celebrity, like a supermodel. Karen’s photography captures the beauty of anyone and everyone. But most importantly, the experience you have with Moxie Design is one that you’ll make memories with. I couldn’t have imagined having my pictures taken by anyone else. Thank you, Moxie Design! – Jordan F.

My experience through Moxie Design was AMAZING! The day was so much more than I could have ever asked for! From the ladies at the hair and make-up salon making me feel gorgeous, to Karen and her husband’s mad camera skills, to the wonderful, fun, and friendship-forming conversations with Karen throughout the process. Every bit of it was tailored to my interests, and because of that, each and every shot was unique in showing my personality. I feel like a model every time I look back at my photos because Karen is so extremely talented at finding the perfect angle with the perfect lighting and the perfect background to make each of her clients feel absolutely stunning!  KAREN IS A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING AND AN EXTREMELY GREAT PERSON TO WORK WITH! I HIGHLY recommend going through Moxie for high quality senior photos tied to day full of great memories!  – Emma K.

“*****5 OUT OF 5 STARS*****

Calling all seniors and future seniors. If you are looking for an experienced photographer to take your senior pictures you MUST check out Karen at Moxie Design.

She gets a full 5 out of 5 Stars from our family.

We had the best time taking Tayler’s pictures. Karen not only became our photographer but she became our friend. She wants to know your senior before she sets out to do their photos and is up for anything.

Karen stood in the blazing heat inside a barn that must have been 110 degrees, laid in a field of crickets, climbed up walls, waded through creeks, climbed barbed wire fences,and hung lace curtains in an open field for us.

We didn’t just have Tayler’s senior pictures taken we made memories and friends. To us it was a bonus that Tayler’s pictures turned out so beautifully. Seriously check her out. You will not be disappointed!!”  – Christa A.

I think anyone can take a picture, but it takes an artist to really capture who a person is. Karen is an artist. Her pictures are great, but that’s not all. She really makes people feel comfortable during a photo session. I think because her subjects are so relaxed, the pictures turn out amazing. My daughter’s session was postponed several times because of rain. It finally got to the point where we just had to take then inspite of the rain. She went out that day and scouted locations that were covered. She even bought a cute umbrella that Kennedy could hold in a few shots. They are some of my favorites. Karen goes above and beyond! She clearly loves her work and you will too! – Sharon L.

“I really wanted photos that captured who I was as a person and I think Karen did a great job of making that happen while also making me feel comfortable. I loved that I had the opportunity to shoot at my favorite coffee shop and how Karen made the experience very versatile and personable.  Overall, my senior experience was the best possible way to begin my senior year. Not only did I gain self-confidence while learning how to pose and take pictures, but I earned an excellent group of friends whom I met the first group shoot and still contact every single day.  Karen went above and beyond my expectations and made me feel like a rockstar in my own skin. She took the time ask me questions about my personal life, so that not only made me feel like I was shooting with a genuine human, but also a friend.   My biggest fear going into the photo shoot was that I wouldn’t be satisfied with my images. I had never had anyone do my makeup before but the team at Haus of Heir only added to my high self esteem that very VERY rainy morning. I was also afraid that the less than fortunate weather would ruin my day- but I ended up loving ALL of my photos and also all of my time spent under an umbrella that my mom or Max would hold; making me feel like a true queen.  My favorite part of my Moxie Senior Experience was stepping out of my comfort zone and realizing that I loved who that fearless and confident girl was. My life hasn’t been the same since, and I owe it all to Karen.  I love Moxie Design because Karen does an excellent job of giving girls and guys an opportunity to feel like a rockstar… even if it’s just for one day.” – Deonna