Quad City Senior Pictures | Meet Taylor

Meet Taylor.
This Class of 2022 Moxie model and I have had the opportunity to work together a few times over the course of the last year and I love having Taylor on the opposite side of my camera.
She is absolutely stunning! When we met up for her full session, I asked her who her celebrity look alike is – and then it hit me: a young Elizabeth Hurley.  If you don’t know who Elizabeth Hurley is, she is a famous actress and model and she is also drop dead gorgeous.  I was excited for Taylor’s session because we were featuring two sports AND she was up for getting into my favorite waterfall.  We had a beautiful day to shoot and when we were taking her track photos, the sky was absolutely perfect! Taylor has been featured nationally numerous times and I just love how sweet and genuine she is.  Thank you for being a part of the Moxie model team, Taylor!!

Here is a little about what Taylor had to say about her session with Moxie:
“My overall experience during my senior session was amazing. I had so much fun with Karen and Sam – they were both so kind and engaged with me during my session and the whole time I felt so confident because of how encouraging and welcoming they were. My biggest fear going into the shoot was that I would be uncomfortable in front of the camera and none of my pictures would actually look like me. Thanks to Karen and Sam this fear quickly disappeared because of how easy they made it to stand in front of a camera by always saying something encouraging. I think my favorite part of my experience was when we took pictures at the cute little house by the park. This was my favorite because not only did I like the location the best, but by this time I felt way more comfortable in front of the camera and I was actually excited to take more picture. My favorite image is one of me in the blue pants romper that I have my arms crossed, looking to the side, and smiling. If I were to pick one thing that was the most memorable about my shoot it would have to be the way that Karen and Sam were so good with breaking the nerves I had in front of the camera and helping me become more comfortable. I had an amazing time, and I felt more and more confident in myself the longer the shoot went on.  My sports pictures were amazing, especially how cool the way Karen used the lighting in the pool was to make the pictures look so good.  I love Moxie Design because you will leave your shoot feeling so much more confident than when you go there.”

One piece of advice that Taylor has for other seniors getting their photos taken? “One piece of advice I would give the incoming seniors would be to go into your senior pictures with a positive mindset and know that you and your photographer just want you to shine in front of the camera no matter how nervous it might make you.”

If she could describe her overall senior session experience in one word, she would choose  “encouraging.”

Thank you for letting us be a part of your senior year, Taylor!



Moxie Design is an award winning boutique photography studio that specializes in providing a boutique high school senior photography experience in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas including but not limited to Moline &  Rock Island, Illinois, Davenport & Bettendorf, Iowa.  Karen Bishop, owner of Moxie Design, has been recognized on both a national and international level as one of the top up and coming high school senior photographers in the industry.  Moxie Design will offer you not only images that represent the awesome person that you are, but an experience that you will remember for years to come.