Quad City Senior Pictures | Meet Ethan.

Meet Ethan.
This Davenport Central senior and I met up early last fall for his senior session.  I was so stoked for his shoot because I had worked with his sister a few years back and his family is so. much. fun.  Also, when we did Ethan’s wardrobe consult, I knew we would score some awesome shots because his fashion sense is absolutely amazing. When we planned his route,  I knew that I wanted to shoot outside of a building in Moline that coordinated with a jacket of his and everything else kind of fell into place.  We shot at some urban locations and some areas that were more modern getting a variety of looks for his photos.  We were literally laughing from the first five minutes until the very last shot.  Thanks for being so awesome, Ethan!

Here is a little about what he had to say about his session with Moxie:
“I wasn’t quite sure what style I wanted to go for so I just picked some favorite outfits and ran with it. I was so nervous, but Karen was so funny and nice that it made it comfortable for me to let loose and have fun.  I was scared that I would be too shy to get any good shots because I had never had professional pictures taken, but Karen was so cool that it all just felt natural.  I loved that I was able to show my true style-  I got to show a range of my fashion sense and Karen was able to capture my vibe perfectly.  As far as locations go, this was all Karen… I sent her my outfit ideas and just a handful of poses I liked; otherwise I left it to her to pick locations. I figured she was the expert so I let her do her thing and I think it was the best thing we could have done because it turned out amazing.  I liked that Karen let me take some pictures with my sister… we were able to recreate an identical photo Karen took of the two of us at her senior picture shoot 3 years ago.  Karen is super friendly and made me feel totally comfortable. She has excellent skills and my pictures turned out amazing. I love Moxie Design because the experience really made me come out of my shell for a night and get some awesome shots.”

One piece of advice that Ethan has for other seniors getting their photos taken?
“Trust Karen, don’t be afraid to experiment. Let her take the lead and you will not be disappointed. She takes the time to get to know you and your vibe and the end result is perfect.”

If he could describe his overall senior session experience in one word, he would choose  “inspiring.”

Thank you for letting us be a part of your senior year, Ethan!!


Moxie Design is an award winning boutique photography studio that specializes in providing a boutique high school senior photography experience in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas including but not limited to Moline &  Rock Island, Illinois, Davenport & Bettendorf, Iowa.  Karen Bishop, owner of Moxie Design, has been recognized on both a national and international level as one of the top up and coming high school senior photographers in the industry.  Moxie Design will offer you not only images that represent the awesome person that you are, but an experience that you will remember for years to come.