We love Haus of Heir!

Starting Moxie nearly 8 years ago, I had so many questions, worries and concerns – would I be successful? How would all of this come together? Would people actually pay me to take pictures of their families?
I remember back to when I first started taking photos and I was doing every type of shoot except for weddings – newborns, families, couples, corporate shoots, headshots, engagements, you name it.  I was taking the first steps of actually living out my dream and I was petrified, so basically, anyone that wanted me to do work for them was an immediate “YES!”  One night, my husband asked me what I wanted to make my specialty and then what would the steps be to make that happen?  I remember asking him “why do I need a niche?  I’m actually doing pretty darn good with my business.”  He then told me that if I didn’t focus any one thing, that I would never be the absolute best with any specific market.  That if I focused solely on my favorite type of shoot, that I could perfect posing, lighting, etc. and be the “go to” photographer in that genre.  The very next week I shot my first senior and it all clicked.  I absolutely loved everything about it – the fashion aspect, posing only one person and having so much fun from start to finish, laughing and experimenting with different locations and poses. It was way different than hours of waiting for a newborn to sleep or trying to bribe a family with five kids to all want to look at the camera at the same time.  So I started shooting as many seniors as I could and made a business plan of how I could take my business to the next level.  That’s when Matt mentioned that he thought I should meet Cameron at Haus of Heir with the idea of a potential partnership in having my girls go to HOH for hair and makeup prior to their sessions.  What happened next was magic.  At first, I would say fifty percent of my girls would add hair and makeup on to their sessions and when they did, the difference was amazing.  Not only did they show up to the session looking flawless, but their self confidence was already through the roof – and that is because of our amazing family at Haus of Heir.  Taylor, Ramiro and Cameron are not only the owners of Haus of Heir, but literally a huge part of the Moxie family.  Their uber talented staff never disappoint and always leave my girls feeling their absolute best, which seriously kicks off each and every session on the right foot.  Now, roughly six years later, nearly every girl that I work with goes to Haus of Heir before their senior session.  The beauty of the artists and creators at Haus of Heir is that they literally leave all of the decisions up to my girls – they can go from looking totally natural (but camera ready) to taking it next level GLAM for those that want to add an editorial edge to their senior pictures.  What most of my girls end up doing is somewhere in between totally natural and supermodel bold, and I love when they arrive to set with an extra spring in their step.  I cannot thank our Haus of Heir family enough for helping me to create a business that I absolutely love and take pride in, but allowing me to partner with a company that helps to take my work to the next level.  I love and appreciate each of you so much!!

Below are some of the hair and makeup looks that Haus of Heir did for my girls during the crazy year of 2020.  Can’t wait to see what magic they will create in 2021!!


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