Editorial session with Ali and Ky

Something that I absolutely love is working on an editorial session that pushes the envelope of a standard senior session, so when Ky and Ali expressed interest in doing a laundromat session, I was in.  When planning the shoot, I thought it would be cool if we incorporated some soda and color coordinated straws into the shoot just to take it to another level.  In my opinion, as a general rule, the more accessories or styling that you do with a shoot, the more interesting the photos turn out.  What ended up happening is that we used Sprecher’s soda as our main prop and the company saw our images on social media and then actually used a photo from our shoot – talk about exciting!!

We met up last year at a laundromat over in Davenport and had a really fun afternoon.  My son, Jackson, has said he wants to be a photographer when he grows up since he was four years old, and has asked countless times to come on a photoshoot with me.  Because he knows both Ky and Ali, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for him to join in the fun, so we made it a family outing.  Luckily, Matt came along so he ended up being my main assistant as Jackson’s seven year old attention span definitely didn’t last much past ten minutes, but both Abby and Jax got to see a glimpse into what it is like to do a photo shoot and talk about it to this day (some behind the scenes photos are below)

***Behind the scenes with my family helpers***


Shout out to Ky and Ali, members of our model team, for going along with our shenanigans and having fun with this. Miss you both!



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