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There are studies that prove sekret mocy thora lezy w weganizmie supplements that dyspepsia is a significantly common disease, in contrast to dyspeptic syndrome caused by organic diseases, therefore, for most patients under the age of 35 for men, under 45 for women, in the absence of alarm signs and aggravating factors, they do not conduct an endoscopic examination. There is also evidence to indicate that repeated or invasive testing to identify the organic causes of the symptoms may not only be superfluous, but also give conflicting results.

Mandatory diagnostic methods include the features of an anamnesis collection, laboratory research methods and instrumental examination.

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Features of the collection of anamnesis:

1. Typical symptoms of functional dyspepsia are assessed.

2. The presence of disturbing symptoms or symptoms of “red flags” is assessed.

3. The zwiekszone kontrole sa planowane w lokalnych symptoms and risk factors of other manifestations of the organic pathology of the esophagus (GERD) and stomach (ulcers, gastric cancer, gastritis, etc.), dyspepsia induced by taking medications, and other functional diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (SEC, aerophagia, functional vomiting, etc.) are evaluated. .P.).

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Laboratory examination methods.

1. General blood test.

2. Analysis of feces for occult blood (with suspected gastrointestinal bleeding).

“red flags”

3. Screening method for the diagnosis of H. pylori infection:

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3.1. Fecal antigen test.

3.2. Serological examination.

3.3. C-urea breath test.

“red flags”

3.4. Breath Helic Test.

3.5. Analyzes for latent infections.

Instrumental examination.

Patients are referred for endoscopy, mandatory for men over 36 years old, women over 45 years old and / or if the patient has disturbing symptoms (“red flags”). In young patients with a short history without alarming symptoms, endoscopy is not necessary.

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If disturbing symptoms (symptoms of “red bodybuilding monitor basic flags”) are detected, patients are referred for consultation with a gastroenterologist.

Treatment methods.

1. Non-drug treatment.

2. Compliance with the regime of work and rest.

3. Diet.

4. Psychological correction.

5. Drug treatment.

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6. Eradication anti-Helicobacter therapy in the presence of H. pylori 7-10-14 day courses depending on the scheme

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