Quad Cities Senior Pictures | Meet Alanio

Meet Alanio. This handsome Moline High School senior and I met up early last fall for his photo session. I had worked with Alanio’s brother, Adrien, a couple of years ago, so I knew that we would already have a blast with his parents, but I had no idea how much Sam and I would enjoy our time during this shoot. Alanio was up for literally anything – if I had a crazy idea, he would do it without question. When I asked him to run on the track a dozen times for a creative photo that I had in mind (in the 100 degree temperatures mind you) he didn’t hesitate. We typically end our shoots with sporting photos, but due to the schedule for Browning Field, we reversed and started with Alanio’s track shots and I am so glad that we did – they turned out amazing!! Alanio brought his fashion A game to the shoot and we laughed for the entire three + hours that we spent shooting that September afternoon.

Here is a little about what Alanio had to say about his session with Moxie:
“My experience was amazing. I loved Karen! She has an amazing personality and so much energy and she had some creative ideas for my photos. Your senior pictures are something you only do one time and you want to be sure they are captured at their very best. I would highly recommend Moxie! The look I was going for was casual but also cool and relaxed. I also wanted some track & field athletic shots. I thought it would be fun to incorporate my car into some photos. It was so hot the day of my shoot and my outfit selections were all long sleeved w/ pants. I was afraid I would be hot and sweaty in my photos! You would never know by looking at the pictures how hot and humid it actually was. We chose to shoot at Browning Field for my track photos. I wanted pictures of me in my element doing the thing that I love. We went to the Kone building because the whole vibe is modern with all of the glass and metal. It’s a good backdrop for a classy modern feel. For my car shots we went to the top of a parking garage. Those shots are some of my favorites as well. We also took photos in the actual Kone parking garage which turned out to be really cool. There were so many spots in the parking garage that you would never think of posing next to (railings, stairs, doors, a bike rack!). Karen just has an eye and knows what’s going to look good, and they turned out amazing. We ended my photoshoot and the very top of the parking garage with my car photos. The sun was just starting to set and the sky looked amazing! I had to get one last photo…a selfie with Karen and Sam. I would say that my session was very enjoyable. I love Moxie Design because Karen has such a great talent and an amazing eye! She also creates such a fun atmosphere.”

One piece of advice that Alanio has for other seniors getting their photos taken? ” Choose your outfit selections early on, don’t wait until the last minute! Have fun, relax and be yourself.”

If he could describe his overall senior session experience in one word, he would choose  “Enjoyable.”

Thank you for letting us be a part of your senior year, my friend!!

Moxie Design is an award winning boutique photography studio that specializes in providing a boutique high school senior photography experience in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas including but not limited to Moline &  Rock Island, Illinois, Davenport & Bettendorf, Iowa.  Karen Bishop, owner of Moxie Design, has been recognized on both a national and international level as one of the top up and coming high school senior photographers in the industry.  Moxie Design will offer you not only images that represent the awesome person that you are, but an experience that you will remember for years to come.